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What's New . . . . . . . . . .

So, what's new at bindersandlaminators.co.uk ?
We've added a couple of new product ranges and launched a new dedicated web site.

Thermal Binding (new website)


New Thermal Binding Website

  We now have a custom website specifically for thermal binding.
  Whether you just need standard thermal binding covers, or
  something custom made, or even custom printed, this is the
  place to go for an extended range of supplies and services.

  Trade enquiries also welcome from printers and print providers
  (we do a lot of trade thermal cover finishing work these days).


Wire Binding (Calendar Binding)


  Wire Binding (Calendar Binding)
  For customers wanting to create their own hanging calendars,
  we can now supply a calendar punch which will cut-out the small
  semi-circular recess needed (as well as the hangers).

  Just punch the binding holes using a normal 3:1 pitch wire
  binding machine then use the calendar punch to add the cut-out.
  Put on a wire, add the calendar hanger, close the wire as normal,
  then trim with waste piece of wire away from the hanger. A little
  fiddly, but much easier after some practice. 


Xyron Laminating Systems  

  Xyron Laminating/Gluing Systems
  We had a demonstration of the Xyron cold laminating system a
  while ago and have decided to include it in the range. While not
  offering the same 'glass like' finish as a hot laminating system it
  is quick, user friendly and has a multitude of uses. Add to this
  the unique feature of interchangeable cartridges for laminate with
  adhesive or magnetic back, or adhesive application only, you
  can let your imagination go wild with new ideas and possibilities.


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we may be cheaper than you think!

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